Camille Ford

Camille Ford


Camille Ford


Camille has spent her entire life seeking out adventure, humor, intelligence, and food. Encouraged from a very young age to be strong and think strong, she wants to share her passion with everyone she meets; whether they like it or not...

What inspired me to travel

It's always been an itch. Sitting still not knowing the "what if" has always driven me crazy. It's not about looking under rocks, it's about smashing the rocks and seeing inside.

Most notable achievement

Surviving New York City. 13 years later. Still saying I love my life.

Next on the bucket list

Mars seems cool.

Advice for new adventure travelers

The best part of any trip is the anticipation and the research. Start exploring with your mind first. Learn basic geography and find places that seem interesting. I am not saying you should make an itinerary, but learn and absorb the place you are spending all this time and money and life on. It's amazing how much time you can waste on non-adventure if you are not prepared.

Why I Embark

Embark literally means: a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding. What can be more gratifying and beautiful than making the decision to Embark (in/on) my life.