James Borrell

James Borrell


James Borrell



James is a conservation scientist with a passion for adventure and exploration, having been involved with expeditions and fieldwork all around the world. From critically endangered big cats in the remote Dhofar mountains of Oman to biodiversity surveys in the Amazon and ecology in the high Arctic. James believes strongly in the idea of 'adventure with purpose' and support citizen science and volunteer projects that truly make an impact both on both the traveler and the country.

What inspired me to travel

Visiting Madagascar at the age of 17. I hadn't really seen the world before that experience, and that was a real eye opener. It's an incredibly beautiful and fragile country.

Most notable achievement

Being involved with an expedition to the remote Dhofar Mountains near the border of Yemen and Oman. We set out to collect footage of the critically endangered Arabian leopard, and against all of our expectations were successful!

Next on the bucket list

New Caledonia. Biologically speaking, there's nowhere like it on earth.

Advice for new adventure travelers

Think about how privileged you are to be traveling. You're a guest. Tread lightly.

Why I Embark

The more you travel with an open mind, the more you learn. I hope that eventually I might find solutions to some of our conservation challenges, and be able to apply them around the world.