Kim Havell

Kim Havell

Ski Mountaineer

Kim Havell

Ski Mountaineer


Named a "preeminent female ski mountaineer of our time" by Outside Magazine, Kim Havell has a great passion for travel, adventure, and exploration-oriented endeavors. She has skied on all 7 continents, with 1st descents on 4, and adventured in over 50 countries. During her travels, she has climbed and skied big peaks from the Himalaya and the Karakorum to the Arctic and Antarctic as well as the highest mountains across the US. She is also the first woman to both ski the notorious Otterbody route on the Grand Teton as well as the first woman to ski-guide the peak. While chasing winter & new challenges, she enjoys documenting and sharing her journeys through her writing and photography.

What inspired me to travel

Childhood abroad and traveling.

Most notable achievement

My time in the mountains.

Next on the bucket list

It's endless!

Advice for new adventure travelers

Let go of expectation - go with the flow.

Why I Embark

It's food for the spirit and soul.