Silas Rossi

Silas Rossi

Mountain Guide

Silas Rossi

Mountain Guide


Much of Silas' life - both personal and professional - is spent seeking out high and wild places. He is an internationally licensed IFMGA mountain guide, owner of Alpine Logic, LLC, and teaches professional guide training courses for the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA).

What inspired me to travel

I love pushing myself a little past my comfort zone. Being in new places does that for me.

Most notable achievement

A few of my first ascents (new alpine routes) in Alaska and achieving IFMGA mountain guide status.

Next on the bucket list

Spending a summer on a sailboat in the Mediterranean - exploring all the rock climbing destinations!

Advice for new adventure travelers

Travel and tread lightly. Forego rental cars and hotels whenever possible! Buy a nice, small camera.

Why I Embark

I find that travel gives me a new perspective on things. It's very easy for me to get into a routine (rut?) when in one place for too long.