Refer an Adventurer and Earn Up to $100

Refer an Adventurer and Earn Up to $100

Adventure starts with friends. It was friendship that began this community in the first place. And it's because of our friends that we've hiked trails with no name to waterfalls that exist in secret. It's because of our friends that we escaped the party boats of Hvar to cliff jump forty feet into the azure Adriatic. Our friends have given us the first taste of our favorite adventures and pushed us to consider lives more meaningful, challenging, and full of wonder. You may have even found a few of these friends on during a day of gold prospecting or undertaking multi-day treks through the Colorado Rockies.

Refer an Adventurer and Earn Up to $100

And yet, chances are that you could name five friends who've inspired you to be more adventurous. Maybe you follow their experiences on Facebook. Maybe you've been needing an excuse to get back in touch. Maybe you were just camping with them this weekend. Are they on yet? If not, why not earn up to $100 by inviting them?

After all, it's our friends who make our adventures that much sweeter. Although the money definitely helps!

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