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  1. I've been manning the embark. org Instagram account for six weeks now. I came on to lend a bit of consistency to our posting, to spread a clear sense of what we stand for and to promote the new people and tours that are joining the Embark community ...

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  2. 53 days. 4,888 miles. 233,679 feet of elevation gain. 9-10 hours each day in the saddle. One totally, unbelievably epic summer.

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  3. Guided tours, luxury hotels, technology that tethers us to society at all times of day. As people, we have become swaddled infants, overprotected and under-pushed, living inside a bureaucratic temple of paper forms. We are capable of climbing great ...

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  4. With 3 bags and some heavy jewelry, an excited, newlywed bride is sitting inside the train, waiting for her husband to come. She is a young, delicate-looking, beautiful woman. The train is waiting at the platform to leave. It has been 10 minutes and ...

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  5. I'm a window seat person. I love peering out the airplane window at 35,000ft and looking over the ocean, land, and mountains – whatever it is I can see beneath me. Before finally landing on the runway, where I get butterflies in my stomach and ...

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