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  1. Decision time: one week at an all-inclusive resort in Barbados vs. one week in the unforgiving mountains of Bolivia. You laugh, but the answer may not be as clear cut as you think.

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  2. Welcome to the first edition of #BeyondBoundaries, our monthly look at some of the most inspiring and adventurous pictures on Instagram. The theme for May is "Stepping Into Adventure;" you may think you need further explanation, but these photographs ...

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  3. Adventure starts with friends. It was friendship that began this community in the first place. And it's because of our friends that we've hiked trails with no name to waterfalls that exist in secret. It's because of our friends that we escaped the ...

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  4. You probably hear it a hundred times per week – taking care of your health by eating right, exercising and managing stress will lead to a happier, ...

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  5. Many moons ago I moved to California with a healthy appetite for outdoor adventure, primed with stories of the exploits of great adventurers past, like those of John Muir and Ansel Adams. It was in my first year as a Californian that I had a chance ...

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