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Hiking · Kaštel Žegarski, Croatia
  • 6 hours
  • 4 - 16 people
  • Easy
$36Per Person
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Through millenniums Zrmanja and Krupa rivers have carved a spectacular canyon and built magnificent waterfalls in what is now the Velebit Mountain Nature Park. These are two of the most beautiful rivers in Europe with green banks and perfectly clear water. We start our day with a van drive to a little village called Golubici where very few people live nowadays. One of Croatia’s prettiest rivers is probably the tiny Krupa. Located just under the steep slopes of Velebit, this beautiful river stretches from its lovely spring all the way through a deep canyon where it meets Zrmanja – another beautiful karst river. After arriving to Golubic village, we visit a local sheep and goat farm. After tasting local cheese and drinks, we take a short walk down the hill to Kuda’s Bridge – one of the nicest places in the hinterland of Zadar. Actually, the place is called Deveterci (or Niners) because of 9 small cascades that make the place so magical. Kuda's Bridge has been built at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century. A legend says that a young guy called Kuda wanted to be closer to his loved one who lived on the other bank of the river. So he built the bridge with 12 arches out of travertine blocks and just as many pillars. The last two arches are now damaged but Kuda's Bridge still stands despite time and high waters in the winter. After the trek we will stop and visit an Orthodox monastery on the Krupa River banks. Only the sound of river and birds. Magical!
Every day from June to September; weekends from April to October. Other dates on request.
- First rate equipment, newly bought and custom made - Highly motivated and licensed professional guides that are fluent in English and have first aid certificate - SAFETY COMES FIRST! All guides have been trained to perform all outdoor activities professionally
No previous experience is needed and even children from 6 years of age, accompanied by parents, can participate. Don’t forget to bring your sun cream, picnic and water. In case of colder weather take a long-sleeved shirt. This activity program is a well-balanced mixture of activity, nature and culture.
Full refund 14 days prior to tour.
Kaštel Žegarski
  • Day 1
    10:00 - arrival to destination – Kastel Zegarski 10:05 - preparing for the trip and safety instructions provided by the trip leader 10:30 - visiting a local sheep and goat farm 11:30 - trekking around Krupa River and Kuda’s Bridge 14:00 - visiting Orthodox monastery 15:30 - finishing the trip back in Kastel Zegarski 16:00 - departure
  • Trekking Krupa Canyon
  • Trekking Krupa Canyon
  • Trekking Krupa Canyon
  • Trekking Krupa Canyon
  • Trekking Krupa Canyon


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