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Photography · Seattle, WA, United States
  • 2 days
  • 3 - 7 people
  • Moderate
$350Per Person
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Seattle has a collection of humanity, abstract scenes, architecture and unique aspects of life that is different from most parts of the country. Street photography has become popular with many photographers around the world, and this city is known for its characters and visually stimulating scenes that give the artist a chance to create from a wide palette of ideas. If you're going to learn, you may as well learn from someone who's been doing this for a long time and learn the ethics and respect for those you photograph. Suggested needs for City Shooting: ● Knowledge of your DSLR and its functions. ● Wide angle and telephoto lenses of any type. ● Comfortable shoes and clothes. ● Water bottle Out East in the mountains are some of the country’s most beautiful forests, rivers and open spaces. Only 30 miles out of the city one can be captivated by natural settings that invite the creative soul to slow down and get in touch with nature. As with the city shooting, only the best places in nature are going to be visited so your chance of getting great shots are much better. Suggested needs for Nature Shooting: ● Same equipment as above. ● Tripod ● Macro lens or extension tube. ● Filters such as polarizer, ND, etc. ● Comfortable shoes and clothes. (Hiking boots not needed) ● Hat, sunglasses, water bottle, lip balm, etc. Food can be bought in the city from a variety places. We'll stop at a grocery store out east before the rivers so you can have a picnic in nature. The tours are at a slow pace with plenty of time to work a scene. The amount of city walking is not extreme and in nature it will be quite easy.
These two day tour/photo shoots are year round and in any weather. I find that group sizes from 3-6 people is good for everyone involved as I can spend quality time with anyone who needs it. Keep in mind the difference between seasons and what's available as well as access to areas and amount of day light. I recommend the spring, summer and fall as the best time for all types of photography. This can be weekend, or even better, weekday events depending on what a certain group wants. When you inquire about a certain time of year I'll plug that into the others who are looking at that time and then put the group together.
I've been a professional photographer working at different newspapers around the country for just over 30 years. My stories have taken me all over the world covering the full spectrum of life. It's also been a pleasure to be a guest speaker at professional conferences, colleges and high schools and to take photographers into the field to learn first-hand on many types of photography. Most photojournalists will tell you we need to be able to shoot anything well enough to be published. I took it a bit further and concentrated on what I loved to photograph and what I know most photo enthusiasts want to get better at. My years of managing photo departments and mentoring young shooters has given a way of teaching while I motivate and inspire at the same time.
You should be prepared to learn from these photo tours and for that to happen, you must know how to use your camera. As you can imagine, it's not fair to others in the group to have someone who's never read their instruction manual then wants help figuring out the camera. Know your equipment first then I'll teach you other ways of using and understanding the camera. I prefer everyone in the group to have open minds and hearts and accept others for who they are and their own creative expression. I run a fun and slightly politically incorrect forum where everyone can have an opinion and can share it in a safe place. Art is about creating and pure creating is free to flow without judgment. You are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and grow, make friends and enjoy the process of being an artist.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Seattle's Westlake Plaza for day 1. Bellevue Park & Ride for day 2
  • Day 1
    We shoot in Seattle at all the crazy, funky, beautiful, scary and unique places. There is lots to see and do in the city but also no need to wear yourself out in the process. We meet at 10:00 AM at Westlake Plaza in the heart of Seattle. Yes, we'll avoid the Space Needle and get into some serious street shooting. Inside, outside, allies and waterways, we'll cover it all and have fun doing so. A lunch in the Pike's Market area is always a good idea since you can get what you want with so much variety. We'll make our way around the city to places like Pioneer Square, The Water Front, The Business District, Pikes Market and other exciting areas. I keep the walking to a minimum as to not wear you out but walking is the best way to shoot the city. If the group decides they want to go to Capitol Hill or Queen Anne or another location further away, we can take a bus ride. From all my years in shooting the city, we'll have plenty to choose from with what I've laid out. The day ends at 5pm, or later if you want some sunset images, which gives us a full day of shooting and a nice lunch.
  • Day 2
    We meet on the East side at the Bellevue Park & Ride off Hwy. 90 at 10:00 AM. Carpooling from here is great or I can rent a van if the group size is above 4 people. We'll head out east to the mountains, rivers and forests. Your equipment may change a bit with this or at least you'll want a tripod. I have a few places where you really get a lot of bang for your buck with great forests and rivers and some very diverse scenery. The hikes are easy and not too far from the vehicle so not to worry. You should be able to walk along uneven trails and make your way to the river which is never far off the trail. We'll go to two or three places depending on time and what kind of shots we're getting. And of course we can stop off at the little towns on the way back, if time permits, to have a walk around.
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams
  • Photographing Streets to Streams


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