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Skydiving · Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1 hour
  • 1 - 20 people
  • Easy
$205Per Person
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Skydiving Zagreb in Croatia is truly a magical adventure. While you will be climbing to the altitude of your first skydive, you will be able to enjoy the view of Zagreb's Cathedral, Nature park Medvednica and many more Croatia's capital beauties just minutes before safely jumping out of the plane. Just 10 minutes away from Zagreb's crowded streets and beautiful capital's old town, lies our playing ground – Zagreb skydiving drop zone! We kick-off with a pre-jump safety briefing, meeting with the entire skydiving team and answering all of your questions. The entire procedure of your tandem jump will be explained in detail and soon you will be ready to go. As you sit in the plane and the engine pistons start their music, the first dose of adrenaline will kick in. Once airborne, the flight above the rooftops, buildings and monuments of Zagreb city center will take your breath away. As the 20 minutes of pre-jump panoramic flight is over, we will reach our skydiving altitude and it's time for your palms to get sweaty :) Doors open and it's time to feel what we all talk about. Before you count 1, 2, 3 you will be free falling 250 kph with your instructor from skydiving Zagreb team, enjoying the ride and feeling absolutely free for about 50 seconds. The picture will probably be most helpful to your dentist as your smile will be the biggest possible :) A quick pull of the ripcord and we’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful 5 – 7 minute parachute training flight. As we do so, you’ll learn about equipment safety, canopy control and landing patterns, while enjoying the views of the city and listening to the wind.
Skydiving Zagreb in Croatia is offered all year round.
Professional and experienced tandem instructors.
No previous experience needed.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Lučko sport airport
  • Day 1
    When you arrive, you will get a full pre-jump safety briefing. Enjoy 20 minute panoramic flight while climbing to exit altitude. After the exit, up to 50 seconds of free fall and 5-7 minutes of scenic flight under parachute and a chance to take controls of parachute yourself. After your experience chill-out and share your impressions with our team.
  • Skydiving Zagreb - Tandem Jump
  • Skydiving Zagreb - Tandem Jump
  • Skydiving Zagreb - Tandem Jump
  • Skydiving Zagreb - Tandem Jump
  • Skydiving Zagreb - Tandem Jump


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