Terrence Cook
Terrence C


Storm Chasing · Denver, CO, United States
  • 2 days
  • 1 - 10 people
  • Easy
$200Per Person
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With the option of riding along or following in the comfort of your own vehicle, storm chasing offers an incredible vacation opportunity for the travel lover and cloud enthusiast in all of us. Starting the day in detective mode, investigating the atmosphere in search of the elusive tornado. Often not knowing what town we might end up in and always trying to read the sky. vimeo.com/watch4849/bennington
Open to tours anytime of the year, dependent upon the weather.
With over a decade in chasing experience and over 75 tornadoes witnessed, I have dedicated my life to documenting the incredible force that is mother nature and hope to share the awe and beauty of the atmosphere with the everyday weather enthusiast.
Myself and a group of storm chasers created the documentary TV series, 'Storms of the Great Plains'. An attempt to accurately document and share the realities of storm chasing in tornado alley. Vimeo.com/watch4849/rozel
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Denver, Colorado Airport or DIA
  • Day 1
    Begin the day at 6 AM by forecasting the days weather and traveling to the target area for thunderstorm initiation. Anticipate storm formation by late afternoon and chase accordingly into the night if desired or applicable. Locate motel or drive overnight to the following days chase target or part ways/return to Denver International Airport at the conclusion of the chase, the tour is over.
  • Day 2
    Rinse and repeat, besides traveling to a new destination... the game plan is typically similar.
  • Storms of the Great Plains
  • Storms of the Great Plains
  • Storms of the Great Plains


Per Person
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