Cody Sims
Cody S


Hiking · Cohutta, GA, United States
  • 3 days
  • 5 - 12 people
  • Difficult
$175Per Person
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A backpacking trip in the beautiful Cohutta wilderness including sections of the Panther Creek Falls trail and an awe inspiring trek though Boulder field, a unique geological deposit of large stones that runs alongside the height of the falls. The trip will also include 1 night camped alongside panther creek itself, a night atop of the falls, and a breathtaking ridge walk with panoramic views. In addition to a backpacking preparation lesson, assistance in setting camp each night and back country survival tips along the trip such as fire building, water purification and orienteering I offer 1 gourmet cooked meal per day at dinnertime around the campfire.
This tour will be available and scheduled upon request throughout the year as the minimum party number of 6 is reached or exceeded.
I am a former Scout leader and member, an eagle scout with over 82 merit badges, former member of the Order of the Arrow with an extensive background in leading others backpacking, camping, Kayaking, spelunking and pioneering across the southeastern united states. I have first aide training and red cross CPR certification and Under my leadership my scout troop was awarded recognition for heroism by the Georgia State house or representatives for the rescue of an injured woman in the Cohutta wilderness in 2001. Also I have spent over 1500 nights camped, 500 miles backpacked, 200 miles kayaked and many more adventures in many areas.
The trail is approximately 13 miles, and is physically demanding. I have successfully guided 11 year olds through it though so just be prepared. I provide dinner, but your snacks, your lunches and your breakfast are your responsibility. Day 3 breakfast will be eaten on trail. All clients must email me at least 1 week prior to departure with a list of any allergies (including foods) and or medical conditions. You will be responsible for your own pack and Its contents. which must include the following. 1.Sandals or watershoes 2. a pack of ziplock freezer bags 3. matches. 4. 2 garbage bags and a contractors bag (the big thick heavy duty garbage bags a lot of people put leaves in) 5. a towel 6. a rain poncho 7. a tarp 8. a tent or camping hammock under 12 lbs 9. a reusable water bottle or canteen. 10. a personal mess kit. (your dishes) 11. a personal first aid kit 12. a roll of toilet paper 13. 2 flashlights or 1 flashlight and 1 headlamp 14. appropriate batteries 15. 3 more pair of socks than you think you'll need 16. a hat, a boggin, a flannel overshirt and a light coat. 17. a swimsuit 18. sleeping bag 19. your snacks, your breakfast and your lunches 20. whatever personal items you require (meds, portable solar chargers, cameras, toothbrushes, bug repellant, water purification tablets etc.) If you are inexperienced with backpacking then please visit the following links. I am going to go ahead and suggest that you come prepared for rain, cold and heat. You may want something to flavor your water with because unless your bottle purifies it or we boil it, you're likely going to be using purification tablets and they are nasty. Use common sense. Don't bring canned drinks, a bunch of bottled water, or paper plates. There are no trash cans out here and nothing will be abandoned on trail. There will be no littering, no alcohol, and nothing that is illegal in a state park IE. fireworks, firearms etc.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Walmart supercenter 450 W Belmont Dr; Calhoun, GA 30701
  • Day 1
    We meet at walmart at your groups established time which will be decided on a per tour basis. We go over the checklist again just in case someone forgot something. I will distribute the dinner food for packing across the group. Everyone will try their packs on and I'll make sure that the weight is good, the straps are good, the distribution is right and so on. Once all of this is taken care of and whoever forgot something (there is always at least one) has run into to walmart and picked it up then we will get on the road. I will give everyone a map and the directions just in case but everyone will follow me to the trail entrance in Epworth Ga. The last few miles are on a steep dirt road, so keep that in mind. Once we get there I'll go over the list again. Everyone will sign their wavers (which I will be bringing with me on trail) and we will eat lunch before we walk in. The trail on the first day has a lot of switchbacks heading mostly downhill. Its not really strenuous and its the shortest hike. When we reach camp beside the creek I will make sure everyone is set up and good, has enough water etc before I start the fire. You can swim if you like. If you are interested in learning about firebuilding then I will be talking about it and giving a basic lesson. After this I will be cooking dinner and hopefully it will all be a fun relaxing night around the camp.
  • Day 2
    Everyone will be up by 9 am and on trail by 10. There should be time for a hot breakfast. Its going to be a rough day. The climb is steep, but well worth it. We will break for lunch on trail. When we get to the top of the falls we will set camp again and the evening will be much the same only I will be offering a basic orienteering lesson before dinner.
  • Day 3
    Up by 8, camp broke by 9:30. The hike is going to include several river crossings, some of them will be up to knee deep. There is a ridgewalk with spectacular views and I like to take it as a photo opportunity where it flattens out. There will be descents and ascents before we make it back out to the trailhead we came in on. After one last photo op I will lead everyone back to Calhoun Ga. If you want to go while we are on hwy 41 then just let me know in advance, aside from that you can either hop on hwy 53 or interstate 75 as we approach calhoun. I'll be grabbing a meal at the waffle house next to the walmart where we met if anyone wishes to join.
  • Backpacking in the beautiful Cohutta wilderness (gourmet dinners included)


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