David Steinberg
David S


Hiking · New York, NY, United States
  • 6 hours
  • 4 - 10 people
  • Moderate
$80Per Person
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An all-day photo safari, exploring the Queens/Brooklyn waterfront by boat and by foot. Explore historic sites, an odd museum, neighborhoods and...digester eggs? Beginning in Manhattan (using an all-day East River Ferry pass) we board our ferry and frequently disembark to see the sights around each ferry stop in Queens or Brooklyn: Hunters Point South in Queens (huge historic Pepsi sign in a new park), India Street (those digester eggs), the North and South Williamsburg stops in Brooklyn (where we'll walk the waterfront, look for lunch, peruse the unique shops and visit an odd little museum), then back on the boat to Brooklyn Bridge park. After inspecting the park we will walk over the famous span to get back to Manhattan. If you've already done that we'll walk the Manhattan Bridge instead (bet you haven't done THAT!) Our route ends at the Battery ferry terminal where we board our boat for the return ride up river, sailing under the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Expect to do plenty of walking as we explore Brooklyn.
Any time of the year, one week's advance notice requested.
I'm a licensed NYC tour guide, camera enthusiast and life long New York explorer.
  • Any sites we visit, subject to availability.
  • All day boat ticket, Lunch
Bring water, a hat, snacks etc. Food and drink will be readily available for purchase as we go. Be prepared to do plenty of walking as well as boating.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
NY Ferry ticket office in Manhattan
  • Day 1
    Board the ferry in Manhattan and sail across the river to several stops in Queens and Brooklyn. Lunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Walk over either the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge. Tour ends at the ferry terminal in Battery Park, where we pick up the boat to return back to our start point.
  • Full-day East River Exploration
  • Full-day East River Exploration
  • Full-day East River Exploration
  • Full-day East River Exploration


Per Person
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