Sara Kaiser
Sara K


Slackline · Santa Cruz, CA, United States
  • 2 hours
  • 2 - 10 people
  • Moderate
$25Per Person
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This tour involves hiking locally around the Santa Cruz area with a segment dedicated to a lesson in slacklining, which is an activity similar to tightrope walking but in this case is done low to the ground. This will be followed by stretching/yoga postures.
Sat/Sun: 10-1 & 4-6 ~Following is summer only~ Mondays- 1-7pm Tuesdays-Anytime Wednesdays-1-7pm Thursdays-all day Fridays- 3pm-6pm
I am a world-class professional slackliner & highliner. I am also a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I have lived in Santa Cruz for 5 years and am familiar with many of the hiking areas
  • Slackline gear is provided.
  • Adequate hiking apparel
  • Towels or yoga mats to sit on
  • Water/snacks
"Slacklining" is like tight-rope walking but is performed on one-inch wide stretchy material called "webbing." The slackline is dynamic, bouncing and moving side to side with you. It can be done low to the ground, over water, or at great heights.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Parking lot 156 at Merrill, UCSC
  • Day 1
    Depends, but generally: 10 min Hike 1 hr Slackline 30 min Yoga 10 min Hike out (If you want to do all Slackline, or slackline/hike, that's fine too)
  • Balance in Nature
  • Balance in Nature
  • Balance in Nature
  • Andrei

    Sara was an amazing host and teacher, and showed us an idyllic day of fun in the peaceful forests around UCSC campus. First, we went and set up a tight rope, which suprised me in two ways. Firstly, how challenging it is to maintain balance on a rope, even for someone like me who boasts foot dexterity and a good sense of balance. Secondly, how calming the experience of walking on a slackline in the forest can be. Sara provided great guidance for me and my wife, and we left with a mutual interest in pursuing the activity further on our own.

    After a good amount of balancing in nature, we went deeper into the woods where we found a sunny meadow to lay down our yoga mats. She was an excellent yoga instructor and taught us new positions we weren't previously exposed to. We closed the Yoga session off with some meditation, birds were chirping, sun was shining, definitely a positive experience all around.

    I highly recommend this tour for the price, it's a great activity to hit up on your California road trip!

    May 2015
  • Sara

    I knew that leading the "Balance in Nature" tour was going to be fun, and I was delighted by how easily and genuinely I connected with the other adventurers! The people I was with pointed out how quiet the forest was, deepening my awareness of the peacefulness of the place I often spend time in. It was fun to share slacklining with the two--neither had ever tried it before but both were eager and gracious learners. By the end of a much-welcomed yoga session in a grassy meadow glowing in the warmth of the setting sun, we were all feeling refreshed, contented, and in awe of where we were.

    I have high hopes for future tours--this is a great way to build bridges between locals, who have intimate knowledge of their activity and space, and visitors, whose exploratory spirits invigorate the local's passion. Not only do the visitors learn about a place in a unique way, but the host also gains a new perspective on the activity and space they are so often engaged with.

    May 2015


Per Person
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