Victoria E Coraci
Victoria E


Hiking · Grand Canyon Village, AZ, United States
  • 2 days
  • 1 - 9 people
  • Moderate
$100Per Person
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A rewarding hike into one of the worlds 7 wonders! We will hike down the South Kibab, camp at the Phantom Ranch Campgrounds spend the day at the Bright Angel Creek and then in the evening hike up the Bright Angel Trail. The most important factor in any adventure is safety. We will not leave if it is lightning!
Weekends (Friday/ Saturday- Sunday/Monday)
I work in the canyon as a Wildlife Biology Intern and I love sharing my passion for the canyon with visitors!
  • Camping Permit for Phantom Ranch: $10 processing fee and $4 per person for the park
  • Hiking Snacks
  • Water (no water is available on the south Kibab Trail)
  • Meals (Lunch on the 1st day-Burritos, Dinner on the 1st day-Pasta, Breakfast on the 2nd day-Eggs and Bacon, Lunch on the 2nd day-Sandwiches) Completely Adjustable!
  • Good shoes (Hiking boots are best, but ONLY IF BROKEN IN ALREADY)
  • Trekking poles if you prefer to use them, but not necessary
  • Capacity to hold 2 Liters of Water
  • Tent to accommodate entire party
  • Head lamps for night exploring
  • Camera
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
South Rim Village, South Kibab Trail Head
  • Day 1
    Hike down to Phantom Ranch, stopping as frequently as necessary for the group Eat snacks at every look out point on the trail Enjoy lunch when we arrive at the Phantom Ranch Campsite Set up camp and explore Eat dinner
  • Day 2
    Wake up Enjoy Breakfast Explore Bright Angel Creek or the Colorado River Short Hike Resting the beauty of the canyon until around 6pm so we can hike back up to the rim as the sun sets We will take whatever pace necessary to keep everyone safe and happy!
  • Grand Canyon Adventure!


Per Person
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