Frontier Adriatic
Frontier Adriatic


Multi-Sport · Bovec, Slovenia
  • 10 days
  • 4 - 16 people
  • Moderate
$1550Per Person
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This is a 10 day multi outdoor adventure. First we will go to Bovec, small town in the valley of emerald river Soča. Bovec is a adventure capital of Slovenia. For 4 days we will be experiencing Kayaking, Canyonig, Biking, Climbing, Rafting, Zip-lining... After that we will leave to Istria (Croatia) to meet our Survival instructor wit whom we will spend 3 days and he will teach us how to depend on ourselves and survive in the nature. We will leave Croatia and move back to Slovenia, where we will experience Kayaking and mountainbiking in old, closed ore mine. Last day we will spend in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana-one of the greenest and most livable cities, boasting a friendly cafe culture by day, and vibrant nightlife after the sun sets.......The rest is you
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We are adventure travel agency operating In Adriatic area. We hold all licences and permissions to work as an agency. We are adventurers ourselves!
  • Transfer
  • Accomodation (Eco Camp-First self sustainable eco/adventure resort in Europe, Eco Hotel/EcoFarm Koroš, Outdoor, Hotel )
  • Activities: Underground Mountainbiking, Undergroung Kayaking, Biking, Kayaking, Rafting, Climbing, Ziplining, ...
  • Meals
  • Flights
  • Drinks and food in restaurants
  • Insurance
Starting and finishing point Ljubljana, Slovenia Nearby Airports: Venice(ITA), Trieste(ITA), Ljubljana (SLO), Zagreb(CRO) 1/2 guide + expert guides for different activities
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Central Bus Station Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Day 1
    12:00 Meeting point After arrival we will take You to Bovec, adventure capital of Slovenia. We will stay in first self sustainable eco/adventure resort in Europe just near the amazing emerald river Soča. Our home is "off the grid" and all electricity is produced by sun. You will still be able to charge your phones, computers & connect to wifi, but do not tell around. We have our own water source & therefore you will drink spring water without additives. Vacuum solar collectors provide hot water in outside wooden showers made with handpicked stones from Soca river. / If the weather is too cold we will stay in Triglav National Park in Mountain Cottage. 16 00 River Rafting 19 00 Dinner 20 00 Welcome party
  • Day 2
    8 00 Breakfast 10 00 Biking 13 00 free time/lunch 15 00 Kayaking 19 00 Dinner 20 00 Evening fun
  • Day 3
    8 00 Breakfast 10 00 Climbing 13 00 free time/lunch 15 00 zip lining 19 00 Dinner 20 00 Evening fun
  • Day 4
    8 00 Breakfast 9 00 Canyoning 13 00 lunch and free afternoon (planty of activities inside Camp) 19 00 Dinner
  • Day 5
    After early breakfast we will move to Istria in Croatia where we will meet our outdoor survival specialist who will take us to the forrest where we will spend 2 nights learning basics of outdoor survival according to Bear Grylls: Psychology of survival, modern and primitive methods of fire making, shelter finding and building, finding and treating water, hunting and snaring, plant gathering, use of primitive and not weapons, tools and knife, use of rope in emergency climbing, navigation and direction finding, night navigation, tracking, trapping, signalling, first aid, survival kit are only some of knowledges this survival course offer. After this amzing experience You will be able to survive alone in the nature, but You will also learn a lot of skills that can be used in everyday life.
  • Day 6
    In the woods of Istria on a Survival Camp
  • Day 7
    Transfer to Mežica Eco Hotel/Farm -certified organic farm since 2000 - home grown vegetables and herbs (for Your meals) - home baked bread
  • Day 8
    People usually seek mountain biking enjoyment in the mountains, but we will take You to a unique passage through the mountains, along the abandoned and mysterious tunnels under Mt. Peca. What You will experience is a more than 5-kilometre guided underground cycling tour, the route of which follows an illuminated path from one valley into another, for You to enjoy a safe and unforgettable adventure.
  • Day 9
    In 1994 the excavation of ore in Mežica mines was stopped. This means water was no longer drained from the mine so its lower parts were completely flooded all the way to the water shaft where the water flows out. Flooded excavation sites now seem like magical underground lakes. This underground adventure starts in front of the mining museum in Glančnik in Mežica. Visitors board a genuine mining train which takes from the museum through the 3.5 km long Gačnik tunnel and up to Unionski vpadnik slope mine. From here you descend for 95 m and go down the stairs that lead to water. At this point, all visitors receive the necessary protective equipment (neoprene boots, life jackets and mining helmets with a flashlight). Then you enter a flooded shaft where special kayaks for three persons are already waiting for you. Your guide leads you along a small underground river until you reach the magical underground lakes almost 700 m below the surface. Visitors can now enjoy the peaceful and pristine water and explore the underground labyrinth, submerged tunnels and excavation sites. To end your journey, you will follow a narrow passage, paddle through some minor rapids and arrive back at the starting point. After the kayak ride is completed, you will take a walk pass the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station. Allow your guide to take you back to a time when the mine was not immersed in silence, but rather full of miners working away with different tools and machines. After a real miner’s lunch, the train will take you to the mining museum where you can admire a number of interesting collections. These display the daily lives and work of miners in the heart of Mount Peca as well as precious ores and minerals, wonderful creations of Mother Nature. Transfer and night in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana
  • Day 10
    We will spend last day in Ljubljana. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is one of Europe’s smallest, most compact and charming cities. With a population of less than 300,000, it has none of the seething crowds, gridlocked traffic and overwhelming noise synonymous with most major cities. But it does have a plethora of cultural treasures, excellent restaurants and stunning architecture, all flooded with a bewitchingly languorous atmosphere. It’s located in the centre of Slovenia at the crossroads of two mountain ranges – the Dinarides and the Alps – and forms the geographical, political, cultural and infrastructural heartland of the country.
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