Keith Kala Kavisic
Keith K


Self Realization Adventure · Sedona, AZ, United States
  • 4 hours
  • 1 - 10 people
  • Moderate
$75Per Person
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A journey into the majesty of Sedona's magical appeal. We will customize this adventure based on your interests and your focus in this life! So often we are guided through a tour of pre-arranged and "Disney Land" entertainment vs. the real moment by moment excitement of discovering our self through the mystery of what lies beyond the scripted trail. This half-day or full-day excursion will include a guided meditation focusing in on the intention of what it is you would like to bring into your life. Keith's knowledge of the local area will share both the indigenous wisdom and history as well as the spiritual and scientific explanations of the Sedona and Flagstaff areas. As we journey into the majesty we will arrive at a vista of the day we will hold a "ceremony or prayer", co-creating with the energies of yourself and the energy of the land to create the destiny of the dreamscape that has called you here. Keith brings the ancient songs of the ancestors, and the new world paradigm belief bending, to create a space of intentional creation. This journey is about you, to experience the love and abundance that you have been calling for in this life. Learn your voice, your purpose and experience the beauty of this amazing majesty of life. The Cathedral- Shamans Cave- Sycamore Canyon- Secret Canyon- Full Moon Drumming-
Tours are 7days a week based on avaialbility
20 year resident Global traveler Retreat Facilitator and Guide First Aid Wilderness Responder Amazing Rapport and great with People Knowledge of indigenous history Knowledge of New Age Theories and Scientific Explanations Confident and Competent in Diverse situational management
  • Transportation to and from hotel
  • Guided meditation
  • Ceremony prayer
  • Guided hike/journey
  • Organic noursiment snack and beverage
  • Full day adventure includes organic lunch picnic
  • Water
  • Camera
  • Tip
I am an amazing guide and ambassador to the gathering of nations. My purpose on this planet is to gather all nations reminding that we of one nation, and inspiring all to find the infinite potential that is in each of us.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
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  • Day 1
    9am or 1pm Meet and greet 9:30 or 1:30 arrive at decided location get present to our location learn a bit of the history and significance of the land and elements. Here we will stretch, ground and take some deep breaths becoming aware of our environment, the sounds, the smells, sights and feelings that are present before we begin our journey. I ask all participants at this point to get clear on something they have been asking for in their lives something they wish to create, heal, attract or remove so that this is a reflective aspect of our journey and all participants are asked to walk in silence the first leg of the journey. 10:00 take a small break midway to experience our surroundings and speak a bit of everyone's presence drink water, share stories and continue on our way 10:30 arrive at our vista or viewpoint stopping area Here we will take some moments to take photos look around and explore, continue conversations or take moments to reflect alone. snack time and refreshment We will then circle up and get present again to our initial intention. Each participant will be smudged with sage(used by local 1st nations peoples to clear stagnant energies) and asked to take some deep breaths as we continue with prayer and ceremony asking the ancestors of this land and of our own accord to be present with us and express our gratitude for this life. Keith will guide with his songs, medicine drum and native flute to co-create with participants and sing a song inviting participants to join in if they are interested. 12 begin the journey back to our vehicle 12:30 stop and make offerings in gratitude for our visit 1 arrive back at hotel
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth
  • Journey Within - Awakening your truth


Per Person
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