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Hot Spring Soaking · Las Vegas, NV, United States
  • 12 hours
  • 1 - 99 people
  • Easy
$298Per Group
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Over the hump and to Pahrump, we're going to the nearby town of Tecopa, which is famous for their healing mineral hot springs, and this time of year is the PERFECT time to go! We'll leave the Las Vegas valley for the 70 mile drive just over the CA/NV border. Along the way we will stop at the gorgeous China Ranch date farm... no, we're not going to be on the NV side of the border where ranches 'rent' dates, we're in California where the fresh dates grow on exotic palm trees imported from the middle east. We'll snack on some of the fruits, drink fresh date shakes, and continue on to Tecopa where you can soak your soul away in your choice of hot tubs at one of the privately owned Hot Springs resorts or the public natural Hot Springs just outside of town. Afterwards, we'll head on over to Shoshone and visit a ghost town that was built underground, and grab a drink and a quick bite to eat at the historic local Crowbar restaurant. None of the facilities in Tecopa allow clothing or swimsuits to be worn while in the springs. A covering MUST be worn in all public areas of either facility. Delights Hot Springs has four different private baths, each surrounded by a wall for privacy. The facilities are extremely relaxing and clean. You can bathe by yourself, with a friend, or as a group (co-ed bathing is permitted). Please note that you should limit your dip to 30 minutes if others are waiting, and then go back in when a pool is available.. There is no cell phone service in Tecopa, but there is free phone, internet, and wifi at the new cafe in front of Delights Hot Springs. There is also a surprisingly TOP QUALITY gourmet style restaurant in Tecopa. There is a fantastic diner and gas station in the nearby town of Shoshone, too. If you haven't been to Tecopa, you're in for a real treat, it's just a fantastic way to get away from all the stress of the city.
Price displayed is for a group of up to 4 people. $60 for each additional person for a maximum of $498 for a total of 8 people. Available 7 days per week.
I've been leading groups of people to the hot springs for the past 3 years and know the area very well. I have experience in professional off road 4WD tours to the Grand Canyon,Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Mead.
  • Transportation admission to private spas, towels, snacks, and soft drinks.
  • Meals
  • Lodging (applies to overnight trips only)
It's a fun and unique experience that everyone will enjoy.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Las Vegas
  • Day 1
    Leave Las Vegas at 9am Arrive Cathedral Canyon historic site 10:00 am Arrive China Ranch Date Farm 10:30am Leave China Ranch 11:00am Tour of Tecopa and all of the hot springs 11:10am Leave for Shoshone (Ghost town and meal) 3:00pm all times subject to last minute changes.
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure
  • Healing Hot Springs adventure


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