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Hiking · Aoste, Italy
  • 8 days
  • 1 - 8 people
  • Challenging
$1550Per Person
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Preserve authentic, discover a royal nature reserve. Walk in the National Park of Gran Paradiso , is to enter another world , Alpine but also Latin . Climb the only Italian 13'323 feet mountain it's a must.
20 to 27 August 2016
All guides are professionals, graduates and experienced
  • 7 nights half board in mountain refuges and charming hotels
  • 2 taxi + + bus transport
  • Professional mountain leader guide during 8 days
  • Climbing Gran Paradiso with a mountain guide Equipment for climbing
  • Transportation of midterm luggage
  • Organization
  • Drinks
  • The lunch
  • Personal insurance . You must be in possession of a repatriation insurance in case of accident
your equipment Backpack 35 - liter Walking shoes with a good profile Jacket and trousers windbreaker / rain Clothes for walking : shirt , fleece , choose the layer system Clothes for the evening Sleeping bag made ​​of cotton or silk (mandatory in Italy) Slippers for cabins Gloves - bonnet Headlamp Small toiletries with travel machine personal medication Thermos flask or a minimum liter Goggles - hat - sunscreen Walking sticks Binoculars (optional) baggage The bag should not weigh more than 8 kilos. We will move your spare Pont affairs.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Villeneuve, Aoste
  • Day 1
    20: Villeneuve - Giardino Alpino Paradisia - Rifugio Sella V. 11:00 appointment at Villeneuve 11:30 Transfer from hiking Picnic at the water's edge It gains altitude Latin family atmosphere at the shelter Dorm Night Elevation: 800 + Actual walking time: 3 hours
  • Day 2
    21: V. Rifugio Sella - Col Loson - Eau Rousse The horde of chamois greets us We enter a colorful mineral paradise Stone towers dominate us The legs pissing in the river Charm Room Night Elevation gain : + 700 /1600 - Actual walking time: 6:00
  • Day 3
    22: Eau Rousse - F. Chabod Refuge - Refuge V. Emmanuele Old stone sheep The trail tells his story A gazebo crossing Getting ready for the climb Meeting with the guide Netto Dorm Night Elevation: 1100 + / 300 - Actual walking time: 5 hours
  • Day 4
    23: Refuge V. Emmanuele - Gran Paradiso 4061m - Refuge V. Emmanuele Start at the front glow On the glacier we louvoyons Suddenly the summit ridge A Cuckoo Madonna Crevices impress Good coffee grolla to celebrate the moment Dorm Night Elevation : 1400 + / 1400 - Actual walking time: 9:00
  • Day 5
    24: Refuge V. Emmanuele - Bridge It is pleasant awakening It runs down the mountain quietly Dinner at the hotel After twelve o'clock creative and relaxing Night stay Elevation: 800 - Actual walking time: 2 hours
  • Day 6
    25: Pont - Refuge Chivasso Our trained calves climb in the morning Water is our daily companion It is there, in all its forms : waterfall, lake or meandering And why not a nature break jacuzzi ? Marmots greet us The caretaker of the refuge : a poem , a legend Meals cooked with love Dorm Night Elevation gain : + 600 / 200 - Actual walking time: 4:30
  • Day 7
    26: Chivasso Refuge - Col Di Nivoletta - Benevolo Refuge The large bowl of hot chocolate Departure for another dream setting Flowery lakes that flow Pietro shepherd Fields of edelweiss Here the goalkeeper tightrope Dorm Night Elevation gain : + 700 /1000 - Actual walking time: 6:00
  • Day 8
    27: Benevolo Refuge - Rhêmes-Notre-Dame It does not get up too early Still water , impressive waterfalls The pebbles in balance A stop to buy a piece of cheese A last coffee together The road back ahead, the flooded head emotions Transfer to Villeneuve Elevation gain : + 100 /600 - Actual walking time: 3 hours
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso
  • Crossing the Grand Paradiso


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