Craig Flipy
Craig F


Bigfoot Hunting · Portland, OR, United States
  • 2 days
  • 2 - 4 people
  • Moderate
$200Per Person
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The Pacific Northwest is the number one place in the world when it comes to bigfoot sightings. From the Cascade mountains to the Olympics, the sightings have had a long tradition that continues through to today! My goal is to take adventurous people out into the wilds and show them some techniques used in the world of bigfooting. Not every noise and shadow in the night is a bigfoot. I would be lying if I guaranteed a bigfoot sighting. I've been at this a long time and only have a handful of "maybe's." What keeps me going back is a love of what is known to exist out there. The plants, mushrooms, scenic views, animals, etc. The great thing about bigfooting is that even though we have the worst luck there's never a bad day at the office.
Available most of the time with some notice.
I worked as the outdoor technician for "Finding Bigfoot" off and on for a few years. That basically meant I was in charge of getting the cast out to the best bigfooting spots and making camp for them. Other duties were filming and managing the technical gear needed for bigfooting. My mentors in bigfooting are Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay. I've been friends with these guys for many years and spent more than a few long nights out bigfooting with them. In 2011 Cliff and I produced the DVD "Bigfoot Roadtrip." Besides all that, I once rode a moped 3,000 miles searching for bigfoots and just finished filming a documentary on all of that!
  • Transportation to and from Portland Oregon
  • Use of bigfooting gear (Thermal imager, night vision, etc)
  • How to on "track casting"
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Guaranteed bigfoot sighting
  • Camping gear
  • Snacks,
There are 3 ways we can camp. 1) At campgrounds with bathrooms, if available (this is my least favorite) 2) Car camping. Base camp is the vehicle and we spread out a little to camp. (This usually works the best) 3) Backpacking into a more remote spot. (This is my favorite, but you have to carry your own food!) We will be out at night and not using bright white lights. Only green or red. If you are really afraid of the dark this may not be for you!
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Host will provide location upon booking
  • Day 1
    I'll pick you up anywhere around Portland and we'll head to our destination. Stopping by roadside attractions along the way is a possibility. I like to get to a basecamp at least 2-3 hours before sunset to get everyone set up with dinner and their camp. It's nice to have a comfortable place to crash after a long night out. I like to set aside the sunset hour for photography and quietly observing our surroundings. This is one of the best time for animals to be seen. At dusk, we will get set up for anything we might need for night investigations. Lights, cameras, clothes, etc Then we'll walk lonely forest roads and attempt contact until it's bedtime.
  • Day 2
    Wake up. Have breakfast and coffee. Talk about the previous night. Check any remote cameras we put out. Look for tracks, make plaster casts of any we find (known or unknown) look for berries, mushrooms, animals, play in the dirt, etc. Then, depending on your booking, we head back to Portland or do it all over again that night!
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