Pikes Peak Alpine School
Pikes Peak Alpine School


Climbing · Colorado Springs, CO, United States
  • 12 hours
  • 1 - 2 people
  • Challenging
$250Per Person
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Let us do all the leading! These rates are based on guided climbing with emphasis on climbing. Minor instruction is offered to make sure certain skills are solid, then we go climb! If you’re eager to learn more skills we offer all those courses too. Days typically start at 7:30am or earlier depending on objective and go until 5 pm. 9-12 hour days. We’ll set you up with a guide who best meets your needs for the objective(s) desired. Previous climbing experience required. Previous climbs with PPAS preferred. Join us on a “show, don’t tell” classic. Not often found in guide books, they are truly classic climbs. Pikes Peak has so many hidden gems, you just need to explore and they’ll reveal themselves. Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.
Upon request. Send us a message or simply request a booking!
Our guides are patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly qualified to share that experience and love of the mountains. Our guides customize each trip or course to the needs, wants and objectives of the individual or group. Our guides possess current Wilderness First Responder certification, and are very active in the discipline they are instructing with a minimum of 5 years experience in such discipline. ALL of our guides have training from the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). We believe in training and certification though the AMGA to raise the standards of working professional mountain guides and provide a better, safer experience for our guests.
  • We supply the rope and the rack. Personal safety gear can be rented if required.
  • Clothing:
  • __Pants, better than shorts for rock climbing in spring and autumn.
  • __Insulation layer (top) fleece or “puffy” jacket, an extra layer for cool mornings or adverse weather.
  • __Rain jacket. Makes a great wind barrier too.
  • Headwear:
  • __Ball Cap or Visor, sun protection for your face.
  • __Sunglasses with wraparound sun and wind protection.
  • __Beanie stocking cap. Buff is acceptable in place of beanie.
  • __Buff (neck gaiter, optional). I recommend buffs for their versatility year-round.
  • Handwear:
  • __Light pair of gloves, or belay gloves.
  • Other gear:
  • __25-35Liter Backpack, make sure your gear fits in pack prior to course day.
  • __(1 or 2) 1L water bottles leak-proof bottle like Nalgene works best.
  • __Sunscreen, 30SPF minimum
  • __Lipscreen
  • __Camera
  • __Snacks, about 1000 calories for the day. Sandwich, candy bars, and trail mix work well, bring what tastes good to you.
  • __Spare door and ignition key, for groups carpooling.
Full refund 7 days prior to tour.
1819 N. Corona St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  • Day 1
    Choose to climb at any of the following locations for a full day: ***Finger Fanger – Bigger Bagger 5.9+, Grade III, 4 pitches of alpine crack and face climbing to the pinnacle summit. ***Arching Jams – Pericle Rock 5.10b/c, Grade III, 4 pitches of alpine crack climbing on the Rumdoodle Ridge. ***Think Twice – Pericle Rock 5.9+, Grade III, 4 pitches of alpine crack climbing on the Rumdoodle Ridge. ***The Flame – North Pit 5.11, Grade II, 2 pitches of 5.11 at 12,000′! ***The Martyr – Aiguille de St. Peter 5.9, Grade III, 4 pitches of crack and face climbing near St. Peters Dome.
  • Guided Alpine Rock Climbing in the Front Range
  • Guided Alpine Rock Climbing in the Front Range
  • Guided Alpine Rock Climbing in the Front Range
  • Guided Alpine Rock Climbing in the Front Range


Per Person
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