Sasa Kmezic
Sasa K


Climbing · Vrhovine, Croatia
  • 1 hour
  • 1 - 30 people
  • Moderate
$11Per Person
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We have installed an artificial rock climbing wall for sports climbing. The artificial rock climbing wall is suitable for children above the age of 5 years, as well as for “serious” climbers, therefore anyone can find something for themselves. The climbing wall is 8 meters tall, with a total surface area of 54 m2 and three separate climbing lines. If you enjoy free climbing more, without the burden of ropes and harnesses, we have prepared a 67 m2 boulder for you. We have installed a 50cm thick mattress below the boulder to prevent injury from falls. There are 20 different directions of various difficulty at your disposal, something for everyone.
We are open every day, from 10 am
You can feel safe with our climbing instructors, they will show you everything you need to know
  • All you need is comfortable sportswear (clothes and shoes) and some enthusiasm and you’re ready to go. We provide all necessary equipment for safe climbing, and our professional staff will be at your service the entire time, ensuring your safety
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Rudopolje bb
  • Day 1
    Visit us, enjoy climbing with the beautiful view of region Lika
  • Climbing Beware of the bear
  • Climbing Beware of the bear
  • Climbing Beware of the bear
  • Climbing Beware of the bear


Per Person
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