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History · Sarandë, Albania
  • 10 hours
  • 2 - 25 people
  • Moderate
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Hello! I am Marjela.I know this city as we grew up together , me getting older , and the town getting bigger and better but most important becoming known and opened for visitors from all over the world. Our tour will not only take you to the famous sites that all our guests see, it will also take you to places in Saranda usually enjoyed only from locals. All my tours are custom-made and putting a smile on my guests' face is my top priority. I will give my 100 percent to make an unforgettable experience out of your visit. These are what i can offer you: ENJOY THE PARADISE BEACHES OF KSAMIL Ksamil is Europe’s newest strand pearl, and although more and more people find their way here, There are still plenty of places where you can be alone, and at the same time beaches with life and movement. Ksamil is, however, perhaps best known for its four islands that you can go by boat, but the other beaches are just as nice, I think. The sand is white; the water is crystal clear with a turquoise blue color. MIRROR BEACH A remote beach that offers snorkeling and tranquility with fewer tourists who find their way here, since the only way to get here is by walking, driving or taxi. The beach is located before Ksamil, and there is also a restaurant serving delicious fish and seafood dishes. EXPLORE BUTRINT Butrint is about 40 minutes from Saranda. The town was originally part of Illyria and the oldest remainings goes all the way back to 800 BC. Butrint was also once a part of the Roman Empire, and there are several buildings from this period, including the famous amphitheater. Butrint is since 1992 on the UNESCO list of world heritage. To explore the ancient ruins of Butrint is absolutely one of the must things to do in Saranda. DAY TRIP TO GJIROKASTER Do not miss to make a day trip to Gjirokaster, a world heritage site. Many of the rooftops of Gjirokaster are covered with stones, which give them a unique appearance. Adjacent to the city is also an old fort. From the fort, one can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Gjirokaster. The easiest way to get here is by car or furgons (Albanian minibusses). LEKURESI CASTLE A lovely castle from the mid-1500s which sits on top of the hill, looking out over the city. From the castle, you get a great view of Corfu and Sarande. SYRI I KALTER – BLUE EYE A scenic area located about 30-40 minutes from Sarandë by car. A natural source of water in an almost magical blue/green color that is absolutely crystal clear. Look for the entrance sign to the left when you arrive. Syri I Kalter is also known as “Blue Eye,” because the illusion that resembles an eye by the water bubbles. The source is said to be 45 meters deep, but some claim that it is deeper than that.
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I have been working for almost 3 years with tourists from all over the world : USA, UK, Mexico, Greece, Italy .I have an advanced level of English, a medium level of Turkish and know to speak a little bit German. I have great communicarion skills and love meeting new people. I also like exchanging cultural and historical knowledge with tourists.
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Port of Saranda, Street "Onhezmi"
  • Day 1
    I take tourists from the port , if they want i can also provide transportation. Then we go to all the tourist attractions mentiontaaed above or if the tourists don't want all of them they can choose some. Then i can leave the tourists whereever they want.
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda
  • Explore the paradise of Saranda


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