Lukas Hylský
Lukas H


Hiking · Prague, Czech Republic
  • 4 days
  • 1 - 4 people
  • Moderate
$600Per Group
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Anyone who wants to experience what the country is truly about, who wants to go beyond ordinary, can use my services. Is there any particular place you want to visit? A town or a village where your ancestors came from? Or are you an architecture lover? Do you want to discover forgotten medieval castles, mountain villages or small renaissance towns? Are you a nature-lover? There is plenty of natural protected areas to discover. Are you interested in a Czech culture? Would you like to go to the authentic village ball or celebration of any kind? Are you a food and drink lover and want to visit some truly non-touristic pubs or small breweries? Possibilities are endless. As well as my passion to show you my country!
Upon request
I always tend to notice many interesting details about small things which surround me and love to pass them on. If I travel abroad myself, I prefer to hitchhike or use public transport, because it allows me to have spontaneous experience and meet the locals. But not everyone can or even want to hitchhike. Authentic travel experience requires a lot time and a bit of luck as well. With my help, you save your time and help your luck. :) What I really love about guiding tailor-made tours is that every tour is original and allows me to share all the emotions and excitement with my clients. I speak fluent English, and have basic skills of German and Russian as well. My knowledge of Czech geography and history is extensive, but what really makes me a perfect man to guide you, is my passion. As a real enthusiast and a natural storyteller, I always make my tours true unforgettable adventure!
  • Using my services means that you hire experienced guide to be at your disposal during your stay 24 hours a day and help you with everything you can possibly need. That includes airport pickup and all other transfers, finding a best place to exchange your money, obtaining pre-paid Czech sim card and managing all the bookings. If you have your special daily routine (e.g. gym) or non-standard eating habits, I will make sure that you can keep everything as usual during your travel with me. To make sure that you feel completely safe, I have a certificate course on first aid.
  • Food and drink is not included. Accommodation is not included. However, I make sure to book for you best services as possible.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Prague airport
  • Day 1
    One 4 day tour can for example begin with picking you up early in the morning, and then visiting two small towns, one with a castle, and another one with monastery.
  • Day 2
    Second day I can take you to small villages, to observe typical countryside architecture, and possibly attend the Mass in one of the old local churches.
  • Day 3
    During the third day we can hike to mountain ridges and spend night in old mountain chalet.
  • Day 4
    On fourth day, during your way to drop off, we can visit local brewery and taste some fine local beer.
  • Explore Czechia beyond Prague
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  • Explore Czechia beyond Prague


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