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Hiking Camping Photography · Ölgii, Mongolia
  • 12 days
  • 5 - 9 people
  • Difficult
$1400Per Person
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Western Mongolia is one of the most culturally diverse regions in Mongolia. The Bayan-Ulgi province is especially well known as a home to the one and only Kazakh Eagle hunters, Tuvan shamanists and the oldest Mongolian tribes who beautifully preserved their traditions. Its combination of cultural diversity and astonishing nature and national parks make the region the most beautiful and perfect destination for travelers from all around the world. I invite you to join me on a trip to explore the country and its cultural values. During the trip, you are to see and meet Mongolian throat singer, Tuvan shaman, Kazakh eagle hunter and nomads living all over the region. We will trek through plains, forests, lake banks and mountains, including one of the Five Holy Peaks of Mongolia, discovering prehistoric petroglyphs and ancient Turkic monuments.
Dates available: June, July, August 2019.
I was born to a local Mongolian family. Growing up bilingual, speaking Mongolian and Kazakh, I know where the two cultures border. I am an experienced guide and English interpreter, currently studying abroad, I can show and illustrate the values of these similar but fundamentally different cultures from an anthropological and historical perspective.
  • • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs by a private vehicle.
  • • Internal flights.
  • • Highly experienced local tour guide(salary, accommodation, and meals)
  • • Accommodation: camping tents, hotel rooms, nomadic yurt homes.
  • • Meals three times a day (including breakfast and water)
  • • Transportation with a Russian van. (or a jeep)
  • • Sleeping bags, mattresses
  • • Other essentials tools and gadgets: horse riding helmets, saddle, fishing rods,
  • • National Park entrance fees.
  • • First aid kit. (essentials)
  • • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary
  • • Mongolian Visa fee
  • • International airfares
  • • All the meals and accommodation in Ulaanbaatar (can be arranged)
  • • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • • Personal expenses
  • • Tips and gratuities (optional)
  • • Alcoholic drinks and beverages.
  • • And any other expenses which are not on the included section
The trip itinerary can be customized for personal interests and desires, as well as weather conditions. Horse or camel riding can be put into the planning. Fishing, attending national festivals, practicing Mongolian traditional archery, meeting a real shaman and extra activities with the Eagle hunter can be arranged. Food and accommodation are to be chosen according to your preferences. The whole month of July and the first half of August is recommended as the warmest and the most stable weather conditions for trekking during the year. Discounts for groups of more than 6 people.
Full refund 2 days prior to tour.
Bayan-Olgiy Airport, Mongolia
  • Day 1
    You will be greeted by your team at the airport. You shall start your day in the city having a nice lunch at a local restaurant. However, we won’t be staying in the city for a long time. We will head to our first rendezvous point, 75km (app 45miles) from the city, a 2-3-hour drive. You will explore surrealistic sceneries that you could only imagine before. It is a nomadic summer place where locals spend only the summer season. (2-3 hours of trekking)
  • Day 2
    After having breakfast in a local Kazakh or Mongolian family, we trek to a village through a hidden land of grass in western Mongolia. The village is called Buyant Sum. Today you will get to see local village life and a traditional Mongolian folk concert. And a very traditional Mongolian meal. (4-5 hours of trekking)
  • Day 3
    We will take a long road through the Altai mountains to reach the Tavan Bogd National Park. On your way to the national park, you will see natural wonders of the mountainy region. After hours of driving we will reach the point by the shore of Khoton lake. Khoton and Khurgan lakes are two of the most beautiful lakes that belong to the national park area. You can swim in the lake and explore the surrounding nature by walking. (5-6 hours of driving)
  • Day 4
    The fourth day is the day that we start active trekking. Astonished by the nature, you won’t feel tiredness regardless of the Mongolian nomad tracks. We will walk through the lake shore reaching its beginning as it becomes a river. We camp by the side of Tsagaan us river and spend the night there. (5-6 hours of trekking)
  • Day 5
    Waking up early, we will start trekking towards a valley of forestland. Most of our walking will be in the forests of Altai, you will be greeted by hidden lakes and different types of astonishing landscapes. We will camp in the same valley. (4-5 hours of trekking)
  • Day 6
    A mountain road awaits. Through the mountain roads we will reach a valley named Khar Us (Black water), where Tuvan people settle during the summer. Tuvans are Turkic ethnic, who practice shamanism. We will camp in the valley nearby a Tuvan family, whom we will visit to see the lifestyle and hear their stories. (5-6 hours of trekking)
  • Day 7
    We will trek through the mountains, discovering ancient petroglyphs. Then we will enter another valley named Tsagaan Gol (White river), which is literally a milk-white river. Tuvan people live here as well. The altitude increases up to 2500 metres above sea level. We will camp here. (5-6 hours of trekking)
  • Day 8
    We will trek to see the Tavan Bogd mountains. And we will camp at the base camp of the national park. You will see the Potanine glacier, and acclimatise to the height of 3000 metres (10,000 feet) above sea level. The Tavan Bogd is a mountain massif that is located on the triple border of China, Russia and Mongolia. There are five main peaks of the massif named Khuiten Peak, Nairamdal Peak, Burged Peak, Malchin Peak and Peace Peak. We rest for the night to climb up to Malchin peak (4050 metres) the next day. (4-5 hours of trekking)
  • Day 9
    We start the trekking of the Malchin Peak in the morning. The Malchin is considerably accessible for intermediate climbers. On the top of the mountain, you will see the vast territories of Mongolia, and Russia on the other side. This is when you touch the sky at 4050 metres above sea level. We will hike back down to the base camp, where will spend the night. (4-5 hours of trekking)
  • Day 10
    At noon we will trek back to the White river valley along the banks of Potanine glacier. We will camp close to a Tuvan family. We will be allowed to visit and take pictures with livestock of the family. (4-5 hours of trekking)
  • Day 11
    A long road awaits. We will head back to the city. It is going to be a long day of driving. However, the whole day shall not be spent in the van. On the way back, we will come by a family of Kazakh eagle hunters. You will get to see the traditional clothes and equipment of an eagle hunter and his eagles. After taking pictures holding an eagle and having Kazakh traditional snacks you are ready to head back to the city. We will spend the night in the city. Depending on your departure schedule, we will organise traditional events in the city such as Mongolian archery, Museum, local market and souvenir shop visit etc.
  • Day 12
    Today is a day that you depart back to the capital of the modern nomadic land. You are always welcome and we will meet again. Bonne journée!
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