Belgrade, Serbia
Hello, my name is Mariana, i come from a beautiful city- Belgrade. I study geography and my biggest wish, since i was a kid, was to travel the world and meet all of it's corners. I'm a big fan of nature and adventure, backpacker and a freespirit. For almost a year already i'm into speleology and caves became one of the most sacred places on Earth for me. I love the mountains, seas and travelling by train. My goal is to travel as much as i can and live this life freely, because i think that travelling is a thing that helps you understand different cultures, accept them and realize that we are all one. I'm working in my hometown as a tourist guide and i enjoy meeting people and showing them amazing places in Belgrade and in Serbia! I've choosen 5 tags to describe me, but it was a tough decision! The words that i would use for description would be: nature, hiking, caving, eating, experiencing, camping, partying, reading, listening, backpacking, writing, looking for adventure, sightseeing, exploring, dancing, laughing... living!

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